Some Practical Guidance On Convenient Bed Cover Programs

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Speaking of food, you can order a variety of Portuguese meals from the Amieira Marina restaurant that you can heat up or cook onboard, or you can swing by a supermarket en route to your boat and stock up. Activity wise, you can hire bikes, canoes, banana boats and more to take onboardand use when you dock. We went for both a sunset paddle in the canoe and a little cycle ride around one of the villages and, trust us, it really adds to the experience. If you fancy soaking up a Portuguese culture, or simply want to spend some time on dry land during your boat stay, there are plenty of great stop-offs. We cant recommend Monsaraz enough; a beautiful village perched atop a hill with breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside, vineyards and cork tree farms. A fortified castle sits in the centre and there are some lovely bars and shops to pass the time in. Another place worth visiting is Aldeia da Luz, a pit-stop with a great story. Theoriginal village actually lies submerged under the lakes water:The 300-odd residents were moved a few miles inland, to a replication of the previous village, in 2002 when the lake was built. Theres a fascinating museum that explains the move and the difficulties both the government and the townspeople faced.

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