A Straightforward Breakdown Of Rapid Methods For Evening Dress

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Henry and other flight attendants think the airline hasn't done enough to protect them. "The only thing that will make us safe is if there is a total recall," she told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram . American last year introduced a gray, wool uniform for its flight attendants that departed from its traditional navy blue. It quickly led to hundreds of complaints from flight attendants about hives, migraine headaches and other symptoms of allergic reactions. The Fort Worth-based airline recently offered a replacement uniform made by a different manufacturer. Airline spokesman Ron เสื้อผ้า ทารก แรก เกิด หญิง DeFeo told the newspaper that more than 4,600 employees ordered that new uniform in the last week. But Henry, a 17-year veteran of American, and other flight attendants remain concerned. More than 3,000 people complained to the Association of Professional Flight Attendants. "It was like overnight, I turned into an old lady and I could not get better," said Cathleen Rusk del Rio, a San Francisco-based flight attendant who suffered skin reactions and bronchitis. Rusk del Rio, 61, said she called an employee hotline and was told to box up the new uniform and keep it away from small children and animals.

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